Finding Meaning in 2021

“‘Tis the season…”

“Let the music keep our spirits high
Let the buildings keep our children dry
Let creation reveal it’s secrets by and by, by and by
When the light that’s lost within us reaches the sky”. – “Before the Deluge” Jackson Browne

We as a collective are exhausted and not only that our “souls” are depleted. If you are anything like me hearing motivational quotes about staying positive just ain’t cutting it now more. And yes, even my Brooklyn, vernacular has escaped from the depths of my core self. Answers continue to be elusive as to where the world around us is going. People are losing relationships and connections both physically and emotionally due to the truth being shown through a heightened year of ongoing stress.

Though I, too, have struggled many days throughout the 2020-2021 chaos, I felt the need to share a small glimmer of hope that has recently reminded me that not all is lost. In addition to my usual eccentric hobbies and activities, I was a bagpiper growing up as a pre teen. I grew up with the music in the family and when I was old enough, I first strapped on a drum out of sheer rebellion related to “girls don’t play drums.” Haha watch me 🤘

Enough of the fodder. If you are reading this and made it to this point, you are well aware that the current life we are living in present day continues to be a roller coaster of fight, flight or freeze, garnished with some caffeine and a workout or two for “consistency.”

By 13, I fell in love with the bagpipes and the music that could be created from such an odd feat of engineering. Fast forward to 2020. Our lives have been changed for the foreseeable future. I forgot to take my own advice for a few months and resisted going back to basics, that is until March 2021. As a therapist during the week, I see pain, sorrow, fear just to name a few. If you can think it I’ve seen it. With my hope and spirit running on empty, I reluctantly took an “easy” gig of playing the pipes for family members here and there. In doing so, I truly forgot the power a tune of nostalgia can give a person during great times of sorrow. In something as simple as treating others to the St. Patrick’s Day staple of the bagpipes, I found myself refilling my cup somehow.

Moral of the story: find hope and joy in the little things. Allow yourself to experience of connecting with others through shared experiences.

One plus year later, remember we are all still in this together…..

Be well. Be Safe. Do whatever you can to feed your soul and do not let fear hijack your happiness.

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