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Life on A Page

No one prepares you for this. The mind though resilient, and majestic, is an enigma of delicacy. As I gather my thoughts about the current scene of my life, I am honest with the lack of knowledge a person faces when the mind is compromised. An individual is never prepared for the emptiness felt when […]

Finding Stillness in Cacophony

Congratulations on surviving the black hole of the past two years. As the world engages in the classic phenomena of denial and the world pretends that Covid never existed, I am brought back to the lessons learned from millennial ex “situationship” where we pretend the experiences of a finite time period are convinced to be […]

Gratitude: A Reflection

“Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart, but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever.” – Charlotte Bronte *Cue the self help Instagram posts and love and light references.* As the holiday season approaches, starting with Thanksgiving, most carbon based human beings reflect on the past year going into the […]

Passing The Threshold…

“Normality is a paved road; It’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow.” – Vincent Van Gogh Discomfort- pretty sure this term is the main descriptor we can all agree on over the past 20 plus months. It’s has traumatized our thinking, our goals and more importantly our complexion. Adulting has reached a pinnacle for […]

Finding Meaning in 2021

“Let the music keep our spirits highLet the buildings keep our children dryLet creation reveal it’s secrets by and by, by and byWhen the light that’s lost within us reaches the sky”. – “Before the Deluge” Jackson Browne We as a collective are exhausted and not only that our “souls” are depleted. If you are […]

The Power of New Beginnings

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings” – Lao Tzu Another day in the limbo known as the 2020-2021 transition. These days the only constant I can rely on is the soothing steam of the coffee provided by my Keurig. The days have all been blurring some fast, some slow. The momentary joy found […]

Faith and Hope: Tools of the Trade

For those who endured the same Catholic education I did, the word “faith” is dropped as often as the younger generation drops the word “fomo” these days. Let’s face it the word gets old. We say “keep the Faith,” but the more it is said it becomes this elusive purple Haze as invisible as the […]

Sunrise Solos

Human beings are at the mercy of their own reactivity based on evolutionary markers. Something triggers and “BOOM” we are full Mob Wives, Big Ang, hoop pulling, extension tearing throw down mode. However, what if more individuals were told they have a “choice.” Over the course of may career, I have had the privilege to […]

Ride The Wave….🌊🌊

As the reality of 2020 set in at the height of quarantine, I had this fantastic idea to relive the goals of my youth and begin surfing. It seemed the only option as the overall connection with peers and quality of life as a 30 year old millenial continued to decline. The ocean has always […]