A Note on FEAR

Mark Twain once said “Courage is either the resistance or mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Fast forward to 2020, the life we knew in 2019 is now a long forgotten pipe dream. A pandemic has been affecting any and all in its wake. Death seems to be lingering on every street corner. In […]

The Age of Corona: A Reflection

Sometime ago, I can remember an ad campaign from Corona Beer stating “find your beach.” Such an amazing concept and one which I did not object. Flashforward to the year 2020. Everyone is in quarantine, people are fighting in public over toilet paper, and Gov. Cuomo is one of the main beacons of hope for […]

Flo’s 5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season

Ahh yes it is the “most Wonderful Time of the year….” The jury continues to be out as to whether or not there is authentic wonderment this time of year. The holidays were always significant to my own life experience both professionally and personally. Professionally, I had the privilege of working with many individuals who […]

The “Stoop” Manifesto

“Stoop kids afraid to leave the stoop” – Hey Arnold Stoop- n. A porch with steps in front of a house or other bulding Manifesto- n. A public declaration of policy or aims. In recent days, I have had the feeling that I am a member of a dying breed of New York natives that […]

Creativity: Challenge Accepted

Go to college, work 9-5, pay taxes… this is adulting. When embracing adulthood, why do we often feel we can no longer create. Sometimes daily life has a way of reminding us to get over our own pity party. A radical wave took me out a while back thus hindering my attempt at a smooth […]

Vaudeville and Valium

Greetings and salutations- Many have approached me in recent months to ask how does one balance the lives of both therapist and comedienne. The answer is simple – you don’t. The basic premise of maintaining both of these roles is to embrace your crazy non convential self. The research is out there an can be […]


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